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Life Insurance

Term life insurance policy made just for kids

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Have you been searching for life insurance for a child?  In researching the topic term life insurance for children, I noticed there are few options available to today’s consumer.  Either you have to get a whole life insurance policy or the policy has to be a term rider dependent upon the parent having life insurance.  In my opinion, the most common options seem to be fundamentally flawed.

What if the parent is uninsurable for some reason?  What if a parent can’t afford to purchase life insurance for some reason?  The lack of child term life insurance options surprised me.  But when you think about it, it makes sense why there are no options.  Look no further than the economics of selling life insurance for children.

In fact, a brief internet search search yielded the following January 2016 Forbes article, Barbara Marquand quoted financial advisor Joseph Alfonso as saying, “I struggle with thinking of reasons why it would make sense,” and Rutherford Asset Planning’s CEO, Keith Amburgey, as saying” A smarter financial move than buying life insurance is to stash money into an emergency fund, which could be tapped for any type of crisis.”

In all of my insurance agent sleuthing, regarding life insurance for kids, I found that 99.9% of the insurance and financial services professionals vacillate between the following schools of thought:

  • purchasing life insurance for children is badinvest your money elsewhere.
  • it’s a good idea but look for strings attached like high premiums and dependency on parents policies.
  • Grandparents like it because they know they should have purchased it when they were younger

In reality, like any insurance policy, no answer is absolute.  What approach is the right approach?  Are financial planners right?  Is investing every extra penny the right thing to do?

Let’s face it, the odds of childhood deaths are so extremely low,  it makes it hard for insurance companies to set a fair premium without over-charging.  The economics of selling standalone term life insurance policies for children say, its’ too cheap.  Monthly payments are too costly unless its a whole life policy.  On the other side, insurance companies can ill afford to pay agent commissions on a term life policy for kids.

As a result, generally you can only get life insurance on a child if either the parent has a policy, or you purchase a whole life policy. Fortunately for me, I have that advantage over the typical journalist.  As a licensed insurance agent, I have friends that sell life insurance.  As a result, we can dive a little deeper into the world of life insurance and find the hidden gems.

Forbes should have interviewed David Walker

David Walker is a general agent and Branch Manager for Catholic Life Insurance Company.  In our conversation, he told me that his company has a novel approach to the problems associated with providing life insurance for kids.  Their policy,  is called a “Just for Kids” and it features a standalone term life insurance policy for children between the ages of 14 days and 16 years old.

Child term life no brainer

I’m going to make a bold statement and say that this by far is the lowest cost life insurance you can get for a child.  This policy answers the affordability questions posed by financial planners.  At the same time, this is truly a standalone children’s term life policy.  When I say there are no strings attached, the price says it all.  Catholic Life’s Just for Kids policy only costs $100 for a $10,000  or $200 for a $20,000 policy.

If there was one catch, I would say that you have to pay it in full.  So, imagine this, you have a newborn child or grandchild and you want to make sure they get life insurance.  While your financial planners tell you not to buy it, it will cost too much, you can now tell them you can get a convertible policy from a 117 year old insurance company issued in just a few days and for a one-time payment of $100 and get coverage until age 22.  What do you think your financial planner is going to say?  If he’s smart he’d tell you to call Catholic Life Insurance.

How to get a Just for Kids policy

In our discussions, Walker stated that the policy has a one page application with a few questions. So getting a policy is as simple as filling out the application and sending it in with a $100 payment.  Policies are usually issued within a few days.  From there, based on location, policies are either mailed or delivered by a local agent.

Additional Benefits

The Just for Kids term policy is a full blown term life insurance policy.  As a result, like the more expensive industry standard policies, this policy is also convertible (up to 5 times the face amount of $10,000 or $20,000) to any other Catholic Life Insurance product at age 22 without evidence of insurability.

As a result of these guarantees, Walker says that both parents and grandparents love the policy.  “Not having to worry about paying a monthly premium for a child removes a lot of stress especially for new parents that can’t afford a lot of insurance…”  As for grandparents, Walker says that grandparents love the one time payment. For a retired parent or grand parent that doesn’t want ongoing payments. The Just for Kids solves an tremendous problem in the quest to insure children.

A class by itself

This policy Catholic Life Just For kids term life insurance policy is truly in a class by itself.  In my research to confirm that this is the only policy of its kind, I found one other company that does this.  At three times the cost with fewer benefits and limited coverage for deaths before age 5, the policy was not worth mentioning.

Founded in 1901, Catholic Life Insurance provides a full portfolio of life insurance policies backed by over $1.1 billion in assets with $2 billion in policy premiums in force.  Let’s just say, this company isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  Because the company is a Fraternal, premium dollars go back into local communities through scholarships and community activities.

On the downside, Catholic Life only operates in the Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida.  Unless you live in one of these states, you’re out of luck.  Maybe that’s why so many insurance and financial services professionals have no clue this policy exists.

In the end, there’s no right or wrong answer, whether you go with the $100 life insurance policy, the policy equity index policy, or the whether you invest your money.  It’s up to you.

For Inquiries about the Catholic Life Just For Kids, click here to request more life insurance information.

Do I Need Life Insurance

Life Insurance
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Have you ever asked yourself  whether or not you need life insurance?  If you’re like most people there’s a simple way to answer that question.  If someone will suffer financially when you die, then you need like insurance.  Regardless of your stage in life, owning a life insurance policy is the most important financial decision you’ll ever make.  Unfortunately, many families make the mistake of saying things like, “well I only bring a little money to the family…” or “they’re better off without me…”  As a result, many families suffer financially because of life insurance ignorance.  Let’s talk about some of the mistakes people make when answering the question of needing life insurance.

I only need life insurance for burial

While it is true that life insurance is important for final expenses.  Have you ever considered the problems your family would experience without your contributions?  Regardless of whether you’re  a housewife or you bring in a six figure income, the burial only approach fails to address other issues.  Consider the following scenario:

A married couple with a husband that makes a generous income decides to buy life insurance should he die prematurely.  Hey purchases 10 times his annual income of $100,000 per year in a 20 year term policy.  For his wife, he decides to get a burial policy only.  As he feels like he can still bring in money if his wife to die.  As for him, his 1 million life insurance will replace his income to help maintain the family’s standard of living.

While it may sound as if this is a sound approach, the husband and wife failed to consider the value of the wife’s household contributions.  While she does not bring money into the household, her premature death would prevent the husband from spending time working and making money.  Losing a non-working spouse could mean that the kids now need the other parent to pickup the slack.  So, who picks the kids up after band practice, the soccer game; who cooks dinner?   These are all reasons for purchasing more life insurance.

I’m young and single, why do I need life insurance?

If you’re young and single, that’s a better time than ever to purchase life insurance.  While life insurance is more than just final expenses, purchasing life insurance at an early age means you pay less than those that wait until later in life.  Also, purchasing the right policy at an early agent could guaranty your insurability for the rest of your life.

Another factor for the young and invincible to consider is that purchasing life insurance early could guaranty that you retire wealthy.  The right universal life policy can be used to take cash values and make purchases and gain interest for various life events.  Has anyone ever told you that you can take the cash out of the right policy and purchase a home, a car, fund college, or retire with tax free income?  The right policy can do all of that and even more.  Purchasing life insurance at a young age or purchasing life insurance for kids can go a long way guaranteeing that you meet your long-term financial goals.

Get Life Insurance Today

Regardless of whether your’e a small business owner that needs to fund a buy-sell agreement with a partner, a working dad that needs income replacement, or a college student getting started in the world; there’s always a need for life insurance.   Regardless if you ultimately need term life, universal life, or whole life, there is a policy and solution to you.  The first step is to get started.  Contact an agent or get a life insurance quote today.  We made it easy.

Marijuana and Life Insurance, Yes you can and Yes they Do.

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Brad Cummins of LifeHealthPro states, “… With eighteen states accompanied by Washington DC now allowing marijuana for medical use, life insurance companies are viewing marijuana usage differently.”  Life Insurance companies does not view Marijuana usage the same like cocaine, for example. Testing positive for THC will not lead to a flat rejection of a life insurance policy.  If a client uses marijuana they may receive a cigarette smoker’s rate, which are substantially higher than those of a non-smoker.

The eighteen states (along with Washington DC) that have now legalized marijuana are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

With many states legalizing the medical benefits of this drug, their are certain procedures applicants for life insurance need to be aware of.


These tips will help your clients get approved for life insurance if they use marijuana.  First the applicant needs to disclose the marijuana use information up front.  If marijuana shows up on blood or urine tests, without the applicant telling the carrier, the applicant will be declined.  All carriers will require a drug questionnaire when you disclose this information upfront, as they will want to know the reasons for use as well as how often.  All carriers will also require a urine test.

Each life insurance company has its own guidelines and underwriting rules; therefore the use of marijuana is viewed differently by each. Some companies will rate applicants as a standard smoker, giving them double the rates of those as a nonsmoker while others are okay for occasional use. The rules and ratings vary widely. Let’s take a look.

Ratings by Insurance Companies

Life insurance classifications for a marijuana user are guidelines and are not set in stone; they can change at any time per the company consideration. Also other health conditions could change consideration.  The following of some of the guidelines that insurance companies follow with regard to smoking marijuana and life insurance.  We’ve omitted the company names to protect their proprietary information.

● Company Guideline:  Smoking marijuana more than twice monthly could result in the rates of a smoker with the possibility of a table rating. Smoking two times per month will set the rating as a standard non-smoker. Applicants who smoke two times a year or less could be rated as a preferred best non-smoker.

 ● Company Guideline:  Applicants could be considered a standard smoker with occasional use. They could be rated as a substandard table B smoker with daily use.

 ● Company Guideline:  Applicants over 25 years old who smoke pot experimentally to intermittently might get standard smoker rates. Moderate use could be a table 2 rating.  Heavy use will be declined.  Other drug use will also be a factor.

● Company Guideline: A standard smoker classification will be given if there is any marijuana use in the past 12 months. However, an applicant be classified as a sub-standard smoker if medical marijuana is prescribed.

● Company Guideline: Applicants who use marijuana eight times a month or less could be classified as a standard smoker. Users who smoke more than eight times may be considered a sub-standard smoker. Also, this company does not recognize prescription use of marijuana.

● Company Guideline: If marijuana is prescribed, users could be classified as a Table 4 Smoker. With daily use, they could be classified as a preferred smoker.

 ● Company Guideline: If a prescription is shown on one’s medical records and usage is stated on the application, applicants could be classified as a non-smoker. Occasional users without a prescription can be classified as a standard smoker.

● Company Guideline: Applicants can use marijuana up to two times per week and be classified as a standard non-smoker.  Usage of 3-4 times a week will result in a sub-standard Table B non-smoker rating. Applicants will be declined if they use marijuana more than four times per week.

● Company Guideline: Applicants who otherwise would merit a preferred plus rating and uses marijuana occasionally (once a month to once a week) could get a preferred plus non-smoker rating. (More than once a week is equivalent to a smoker’s rate.)  Daily use could be a table 4 rating. Heavy users could be declined.

 ● Company Guideline: Applicants will rate as a standard nons-moker with up to weekly use.  If lab results indicate more frequent usage, then smoker rates will apply.

 ● Company Guideline: Applicants who test positive for THC could be given a smoker table 3 rating. Occasional or recreational users will be given preferred non-smoker rates but will have to test negative for THC.

 ● Company Guideline: Applicants over 25 years old who use marijuana 3-8 times per month could be rated a standard smoker. If they use 8-16 times a month they could be rated as high as a table 2 smoker. More than 16 times a month will be declined.

 ● Company Guideline: Marijuana use could result in a standard smoker rating.

 ● Company Guideline: Using marijuana up to two times per month and testing negative for THC will qualify applicants as a standard plus non-smoker. A Table B non-smoker (even with THC positive lab tests) rating will be applied if usage is up to four times per week. Usage over four times weekly will be declined.

 ● Company Guideline – Marijuana smokers could be considered a standard smoker rate class with no other health issues.

 Researching the companies

As you can see, life insurers’ ratings for marijuana users vary widely. Even if medical marijuana is prescribed, applicants could be still be classified as a smoker or declined. For those of your clients who use marijuana medicinally or recreationally, it is essential that you, as their advisor, research life insurance companies before applying. When combined with other health problems, marijuana usage will not be well received by an insurance underwriter.

Applicants who already have a life insurance policy in force may be paying unnecessarily high rates. Each company’s insurance underwriters view the use of marijuana differently. Don’t let your clients pay high life insurance premiums if less expensive alternatives are available.


So Why Do I Need A Local Insurance Agent?

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Some Issues to Consider when Buying Insurance Online Versus a Local Agent

 21st century technology has made life a lot easier in many ways; from where you get your news, what & how you buy clothes or books, to how you connect with different types of entertainment, the internet has changed the way consumers shop and purchase goods and services.

 Buying home and auto insurance is no different. There are dozens of insurance companies, called insurance carriers, looking to show you how to save money. What is less understood is how the coverage works in the event you need it, which is the whole point of having your home or car insured in the first place. Here is an example; a pipe breaks under the slab foundation of your home; how are you covered against this type of loss? If you are involved in an auto accident, and you are not sure if you or the other party is hurt, what is the appropriate response? Your spouse leaves for work and dies unexpectedly; what plans have you made to secure your family’s financial future?

 Let’s face it; most people look for the cheapest home or auto insurance they can find, and only later realize they do not have the proper insurance to cover the loss In fact, most consumers do not even know what to ask when they purchased their insurance, and do not have an expert that can advise them adequately once an accident occurs. (And remember, no one plans on having an accident-that’s why they call it an ‘accident’.)

 So what’s a consumer to do; get that cut-rate insurance quote over the internet, and roll the dice with the hope that there won’t be a claim, or pay too much for a local agent that you will almost never use?

 The answer is neither. A local agent can give you the same, or similar, quote that an internet company can provide, while still giving you the service you need when you have questions about your coverage, your bill, or when you eventually have that car accident or weather-related loss on your home. The rates from one of the largest insurance carriers like Farmers, State Farm, and Allstate, will have similar rates to those offered by internet insurance carriers, and, most of the time, one or two of the top-three carriers will be much higher than their internet competitors!

 Which is why it pays to shop around. The rates will never be consistent with any one customer, and the reasons are too numerous to mention is this article, so the savvy consumer shops their rates every three years, and gets quotes from local agents that are both captive and independent. Then, the smart and savvy consumer makes their decision based on the ability of contacting the local agent consistently, as opposed to waiting thirty minutes, or longer, before a call-center representative answers your call, which will be the case for those internet companies.

 In short, it pays for the customer to take the time and shop their insurance, while also weighing the cost of paying a few dollars more for a quality of service that a local insurance agent is dying to give you so that they can earn your business.  Have your local insurance agent earn your business, and you will be supporting a  small business owner in your community that will appreciate your business. 

Why Key Man Insurance Is Important

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Why Key Man Insurance Is Important In Dallas Texas?Why Key Man Insurance Is Important In Dallas Texas

Key Man Insurance is more important than ever in Dallas Texas, as it can make or break your business in the event of a tragedy.  Key man insurance is designed to protect a company in the event of an injury or death of a key employee such as top sales personnel, executives, or business owners.  Many people assume that key man insurance is only life insurance, but it also includes disability insurance.  In today's world having both for a business can mean the difference between surviving a tragedy or having to shut a business down.

How much Key Man Insurance does my business need?

The amount of key man insurance required for a business will vary based on the type of business and the role of an individual being insured.  As an example, lets take a look at a top salesperson for a company.  In many small to mid sized companies with a small sales force revenue could be dependent on the expertise of a few key sales personnel.  In the event one of these individuals were to lose their life or become disabled its important to answer a couple questions to begin to determine how much is needed:

  1. What percentage of gross revenue can be directly attributed to the individual(s) needing to be insured?
  2. If they had to be replaced what are the total costs involved in finding new talent and training them to replace the talent that is either disabled or has passed on?

What is the Impact by not having Key Man Insurance in my business?

Lets stick with the example of a top salesperson to illustrate the impact on a business.  Lets say for example that your top 2 sales personnel accounted for 30% of your gross revenue annually.  What would the impact on your bottom line in this economy be if one or both of them were to lose their life or become disabled and no longer be able to work?  In most businesses this would have a dramatic effect and might mean having to close down operations.   With many businesses having to cut back to survive and ultimately begin rebuilding in today's economy, its far too important not to have key man insurance in your company to ensure it will survive in the event of a tragedy.  Contact me at here at for more information on how we can help your business survive in the event of a tragedy with Key Man Insurance.

Questions you should ask when purchasing life insurance

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When it comes to shopping for life insurance, most people seem to ask about price and eligibility. Are these the most important things that you should consider when looking for a policy? The truth is that most people ask the wrong questions about their life insurance.  Actually, many times people don't ask enough questions. Let's examine a few frequently asked life insurance questions, and replace them with questions you SHOULD ask about purchasing life insurance.

You're an insurance agent, how much do you recommend?

While asking the recommendation of professional seems to be the most prudent course of action, your insurance agent should never tell you to purchase a specific amount of insurance. Most of the time, purchasing life insurance involves fulfilling a need. A good example is the purchase of a new home with a 30 year mortgage. In order to guaranty that your home as an inheritance, purchasing a 30 year mortgage protection term (temporary) insurance policy equal to the value of your mortgage's principle balance will ensure your family has the cash needed to payoff your mortgage. On the other hand, if you simply need enough cash for burial insurance and final expenses, a small whole life (permanent) insurance policy may fit your situation. In these cases, your agent should help you determine what your immediate needs and provide policy examples that fit your immediate insurance needs. In this case, should ask, "What factors should I consider before I choose a life insurance policy?"

How much does life insurance cost?

If you're like most people, you've heard or seen a radio or TV commercial regarding cheap life insurance. While the cost of a policy should always be a consideration, looking at the cost of a particular policy can lead to purchase to buy the wrong policy. Recently, I spoke to a 65 year old client regarding the purchase of life insurance. During our discussion, she explained that the last agent she spoke with told her to purchase term insurance and invest the difference. While that is a good strategy for someone in their 30s and 40s, giving this advise to a 65 year old retiree is rather foolish. In the case of the 65 year old retiree has to consider more than price. What about the retiree's life expectance? According to AARP studies, the average 65 year old person with average health has a life expectancy of at least 85 years or more. So, should this retiree purchase a term policy or a permanent policy? While buying term and investing the difference is okay, if the person is living on their retirement income, investing savings could be difficult on a limited income. In case instead of asking how much a policy costs, a person should ask the following: "What is the best life insurance concept for my budget?"

Does this life insurance policy require a physical?

Of all the questions asked regarding life insurance, asking about medical requirements seems to scare people the most. Generally, for life insurance applications of $100,000 or more, insurance companies require some level of medical underwriting. As a result, many people say they are afraid of needles or they are afraid of the results. Let's be realistic. Medically underwritten policies generally cost less than simplified issued policies; if you qualify. There are pros and cons to medically underwritten and simplified underwritten policies. The truth is that there is no good answer. You could have a history of breast or skin cancer but still qualify for life insurance at preferred rates because you've done everything correctly. On the other hand, you could be a young 28 year old that appears completely healthy, but find out that you have cancer after completing your life insurance examination. These are actual cases. Regardless of your background, you and your agent should consider your medical history along with your family's medical history when choosing the right life insurance policy. So instead of asking if a company requires a physical, you should probably ask, "Based on what we know, what are the pros and cons to medically underwritten life insurance versus non-medical (or simplified issue) life insurance?"


In the end, purchasing life insurance is more about the individual applying for the policy, their needs, goals, along with the relative health of that individual. So the next time you're looking for life insurance, make sure your policy fits you like a glove. If your need is mortgage protection or temporary income replacement, a term life insurance policy might be best. On the other hand, if you're looking for affordable permanent protection, you may want to look at a whole life or universal life insurance policy. Considering the fact the average American purchases life insurance 3 to 5 times per year, the policy you purchase today may not be the first or last policy you purchase. Since things change, make sure that you get the right policy and ask the right questions.


5 Reasons for Business Life Insurance

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Protecting your Business?

Business Life insurance is perhaps one of the most overlooked items in the portfolios I review.  For whatever reason, small business people tend to ignore the fact that something could happen to one of the lives in the organization.  For a small business person, even the loss of a receptionist could mean disaster for that business.  Knowing this made me realize, that business insurance agents are not having the discussion.  In an effort to spread the word, I’ve come up 5 reasons your business should purchase life insurance.  On the other hand, someone could have already had this discussion, but you didn't listen the first time. 

Here's the plain and simple truth.  If you can afford life insurance for your business, get it!  If you're a small business person, your life insurance does double duty.     For sole proprietors and family owned businesses, life insurance can be used to payoff business debt while providing extra income to leave for your family.  For some reason, business people ignore this.  Oh well, let's talk about a few business reasons to buy life insurance for your business.


Keyman Life Insurance 

The loss of your executive assistant, a project lead, or person vital to your business could be devastating.  What if your lead person were to die prematurely?  Have you considered the costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training your key employee?  Could your business continue the same without that person?  That person could be you. Would your vendors continue working with your company if you were to die prematurely?  If you value your business’ continuation,insuring the key employee  through life insurance is a good way to insure your business’ future success.

Deferred Compensation 

Many times, the cost of recruiting and hiring top level talent make it very difficult for smaller businesses to compete with larger companies.  Let’s face it, top level talent require’s top level benefits.  A business could use life insurance to guaranty a payments at retirement.  This could allow an employee to remain at a lower tax bracket and provide life insurance for his family at the same time.  At the same time, using life insurance as deferred compensation has a way of levelling the playing field, enabling businesses to recruit and retain high level employees.

Executive Bonus Plans

Aside from the normal group life insurance policy that companies provide, the executive bonus plan is a way in which a business provides personal life insurance for an employee.  The life insurance is treated and taxed as a bonus.  This enables the company a method of paying for an executive’s personal life insurance; giving the executive high levels of life insurance with little or no personal money out of pocket.

Business Perpetuation

If you’ve worked hard to build your business.  Do you have a staff that depends on your leadership and guidance?   What happens to your business after your death?  Do you have liabilities that need to be paid?  Are you a co-owner with a business partner?  Business continuation requires planning with the right professionals.  You should work closely with your attorney and tax consultant to plan to best plan for your business. 

Life insurance can be used for your business to fund all types of business continuation requirements. Whether you need a buy-sell agreement between two partners or a cross-purchase plan for several owners and investors; life insurance can be used to provide cash can to assist with orderly, the impact following the death of a business owner or key employee.


Do I Need Life Insurance for My Mortgage?

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Life Insurance | Mortgage Life Insurance | Life Insurance DallasDo I Need Life Insurance for My Mortgage?

Do I need life insurance for my mortgage?  The simple answer is yes.  Lets face it for the average person today in the United States the largest expense will be the home that they purchase for themselves and their family to live in.  Most people choose the home they live in for the location, school district, night life, etc.  Regardless of the reason why a home was chosen, the home is very important to a family’s stability.  Most families require dual incomes to afford the home that they are living in.  Ask yourself, could you afford your mortgage payment on a single income?

Why protect my home with Life Insurance?

Regardless of your answer to if you could afford your home on a single income, what will be the emotional impact if you had to leave your home in the midst of the loss of a loved one because you couldn’t afford the mortgage payment?  We make sure that we can replace our homes in the event of a fire, flood, or any other choice of disaster but we far too often don’t take the measure to protect our homes in the event of the loss of a loved one.  It only makes sense to protect your home in the event of losing a loved one to not add to the emotional stress involved when someone passes on.

How much Life insurance do I need to protect my home?Mortgage Life Insurance | Life Insurance Dallas

It depends.  You will want to make sure that you will be able to pay off your mortgage if you are planning on staying in the home.  Also keep in mind the other expenses that also go with a home such as property tax, home owners insurance, utilities, and maintenance as these expenses will affect the amount of insurance you will need to ensure that your family will be able to stay in your home.  It’s important to take action today to protect your family so they can stay in their home because of being prepared for the unexpected.  Give us a Call at so we can help your family be prepared with all of your insurance needs.

Why do I need Life Insurance?

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Did you know that there were over 80 traffic fatalities in the city of Dallas alone, this is not including any of the neighboring cities.  If you look at the statistics of underinsured households in America, it’s a good probability that 50% of those who lost their life in the accidents either did not have any life insurance or were underinsured.

Far too often we assume that the accidents will happen to someone else, and not us.  I’m almost certain that the individuals who were in those accidents did not wake up the morning they lost their life thinking it was going to be their last day on earth.  The important fact about life insurance is that its there when we need it because when life is lost, usually its unexpected. Plano Life Insurance | Dallas Life Insurance

Many people will have some level of life insurance through work, but lets face it how many people have changed jobs recently?  Many employers provide a base level of coverage that does not go far enough to protect a family.  Ask yourself how much money do you spend in a year, how much is the mortgage, how much is the school for children’s education?  If you start adding these numbers up you will soon realize that you have to have your own coverage to protect your family.

Protecting your family from financial disaster in the event someone loses their life is a very straight forward process.  We take the time to find out your specific financial needs and come up with the appropriate combination of coverage to protect you and your family so in the event that there is a loss of life, your family will be taken care of financially.   There is no better time than the present to start the year off right by protecting your family from financial injury with having a lack of life insurance, lets get started today in changing that!

[message type=”info”]Byron Ingraham is a Texas General Lines Insurance Agent.  For more information regarding Life insurance in Dallas or Plano area, visit him or call 214-717-4326 x 200[/message]