Dallas Home Insurance policies can vary based on the type of home you live in .  Regardless of whether you live in a high value home in Highland Park or an apartment in uptown – everyone needs some type of insurance protection.  Dallas is full of many types of homes, condominiums, and apartments.  At Texas Insurance Pro, we can help you fill the need to get the right home insurance policy.

Home Insurance Policy Types

Home Insurance Home Insurance is for people that own a house or a detached property and the land that home sits on.
High Value Home High value home insurance is for people that own a house or detached property valued at $500,000 or higher.  Special review is required.
Condominium Insurance Condo insurance  for people who own a condo, townhouse, or duplex where only the residence, and not the land is owned.
Renters Insurance Renters Insurance (Tenant Insurance) is for people who lease their residence but do not own an apartment, condo, townhouse, or home.
Landlord (Dwelling Fire) Insurance Landlord or Dwelling Fire Insurance is for people who own a condo, town home, single  family, dwelling that do not live in and may receive income  for rents collected.
Manufactured Home Manufactured homes are for people who own homes that were built in a factory.  They may or may not own the land on which the residence sits.