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When it comes to Dallas Homeowners Insurance, regardless if you have a newly built home, apartment or condo, Texas Insurance Pro can help you protect your property and all the other things that are important to you.

Homeowners Insurance, Condo and Renters Insurance make sure that you don’t worry about mayhem like falling objects, icy sidewalks, or anyone breaking into your home.

Texas Homeowners Insurance Basics

Homeowners Insurance covers the all parts of the building  You have the option of covering your personal contents, the building, and your personal liability.  Content Insurance Policies like Renters and Condo Insurance make sure that you protect the things that you’ve worked hard for.  On the other hand,  Renters Insurance covers your personal stuff that you move into your apartment.  If your neighbor causes a fire, your landlord will insure the building, but not your belongings.  The personal liability coverage on homeowners insurance policies also cover your personal liability anywhere in the world.

Texas Homeowners Insurance Policy Types

  • Homeowners Insurance is for people that own a house or a detached property and the land that home sits on.
  • High Value Home Insurance is for people that own a house or detached property valued at $500,000 or higher.  Personalized valuations and  review  required.
  • Condominium Insurance – Condo insurance is for people that own a condominium, townhouse, or duplex where only the residence and not the land is owned.
  • Renters Insurance or tenant insurance is for people who lease their residence but do not own an apartment, condo, townhouse, or home.
  • Landlord or Dwelling Fire Insurance is for people that own a condo, townhouse, or single family property that do not live in and receive rents for collected income.
  • Manufactured Home Insurance is for manufactured homes that are factory built and transported to a lot.  They may or may not own the land on which the home sits.


Home Insurance Coverage

How much insurance coverage should you purchase?  Getting the right insurance coverage may not be as easy as you think.  Do you have the right coverage for your diamond rings?  What about collectibles and high value items like furs, guns, and cash money?  Home insurance protects the people and things you cherish the most. Protect the financial investments you cherish the most with Texas Insurance Pro.


Value, Price or Both

Just like your car insurance policy has requirements, the cost of your home and renters insurance has many factors the play a role into your rates.  All Dallas home insurance and renters insurance policies are not created equally.  Make the right decision and get started with Texas Insurance.  save money by checking out these articles first.

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