About David Berry

David Berry is a Texas Independent Insurance Agent that specializes in finding ways to save his clients money on their auto, home, life, and business insurance. His extensive experience stems from over 15 years in the insurance, finance, and real estate industries. David has held management, sales, and marketing positions with companies including Hilton Reservations, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, and Allstate. To schedule a free insurance consultation, call TXINSURANCEPRO.COM at 214-717-4326.

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  • Mokie

    Hi David,

    Do I need to find an insurance company to sponsor me first, or can I just study for licensing exams and once I pass them look for a company to work for. Also, would passing the licensing exams help me to go into claims. I am currently working in customer service.


  • Shane

    Hi David, I just passed my general lines p&c test and have a job offer. My question is should I be worried about a class b misdemeanor theft charge that was dismissed? I had deferred prosecution, not deferred adjudication. I never pled guilty. So I can honestly say no to all the background questions. The arrest will show though. In my statement to the DOI, what info should I include? Also should I disclose all the info to my potential employer, since it was all dismissed?

    • Johanna P Martinez

      Hello, did this work out for you I am in the same process. Please let me know any tips would really appreciate it.

      • Shane

        I did get my license through the state. Didn’t have any issues with that.

        • Johanna P Martinez

          Awesome. Did u just provide courts docs and statement? I will be submitting this wk

          • Yes. The applicant in this case provided docs and that was sufficient to get his license issued. good luck!

          • yes

  • william

    Hi David I have working on becoming an independent agent. I have pass my test and finger printed, however the insurance company I was going to represent was starting do a lot of shady business. So my question is do I need to representing a insurance company before the state issue me the two year permit

    • Hi William,

      I believe that in order to get your property & casualty license, the state of Texas requires you to be appointed and sponsored by either a general agent, an agency, or carrier. If you’ve already passed the licensing exam, I suggest you continue looking for agencies or companies to work for. It’s good you have an ethical foundation. The industry needs more people like you! I hope you find something soon!

      Good Luck!
      David Berry

  • Joshua

    Hi David .. I just stumbled on your blog while surfing the internet on how to become a licensed Insurance agent in Texas and I was thrilled by our detailed information as regards. First contact via reading your post, I could see a rare display of professionalism and wit in you.
    Having said that, I will proceed in doing my pre licensing exams and would like to get back to you on the way forward. I am a licensed Realtor, I live in Houston and I presently working as an agent with Keller Williams..
    Once again, I say thank you for this enlightenment.

    • Hi Joshua, Thanks for the warm comments and feedback. Good luck in your pre-licensing exams. What type of insurance are you looking to sell in the houston area? I wish you the best. Please let me know how you do in your journey.

  • Jim


    I have bad credit, currently a 541. I have 6 collections including a Court Judgement. I intend to pay all 5 collections but the Judgement. It’s for an apartment complex that was unfair. I have no Felony/Misdemeanor Convictions. Will I:

    A. Have any problem getting a License

    B. Have any problem finding a job.

    Also, if I do have a problem finding a job, do you know of any Companies who overlook adverse credit history?

    • Jim,
      Thanks for your question. I don’t foresee your having difficulties obtaining your insurance license. As far as insurance jobs, everyone is different. Based on what you’re telling me, I’ve seen agents with much worse credit. I say go for it! If I come across companies information regarding companies hiring, I’ll post it on this site.
      Good Luck!

      • Jim

        Thank you

  • Itisme

    Hello Dave
    1. I had passed the property and casualty insurance exam back on June 2013. However, I didn’t start the application process as I don’t have clarity on some part of the application.
    Which is part VI, Notice of appointment . As I understood I need a company who could sponsor me to get the license. Therefore, is filling that part necessary to get the license in Texas ?
    2. Like I said I passed the exam in 2013, do I need to take it again?
    3. My plan is to be an agent to different insurance companies, is that worthier than being only for one agent? And how to approach those insurance companies.
    I really appreciate your help.

    • Hello,
      I’m certain that your insurance examination results have expired. So, you’ll need to pass the test and get fingerprinted again. As far as getting contracted with different companies, it probably best to get a little experience with an agency first. There’s a lot to learn in the insurance world. Aside from learning insurance coverage, as agency owner, you also need to learn the business of running an insurance agency as well as procedures for all the different carriers you represent. So, get your training first and work for someone while you do it. Remember, you will have to interview with your carriers as well. They want to ensure they’re hiring the right agent for their company. Hope this helps!

  • mariana

    hi David, i recently opened my own auto insurance agency about 4 months ago, i have the property and casualty license, and im trying to get my sister to work with me and i wanted to know what is the best license for her to get?
    property and casualty, county mutual or wich one do you recomend for her to get?…. thanks!

    • Hi Mariana,
      If you’re selling auto insurance, the county mutual license would get your sister started selling car insurance the fastest. However, if you want to grow your agency, you should help her get a General Lines Property and Casualty License. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good luck to you and your sister in your new agency!

  • Nick Reynolds

    Hey there David,
    Ive recently been considered for employment with state farm. I was placed on deferred probation ten years ago on two charges and finished my probation and my cases were eventually disposed. Am i eligible for employment with them and able to get a P&C license?

    • Nick,
      I wish I could give you a direct answer. Since I don’t work for State Farm, I cannot attest to their requirements for hire or contracting. Regarding the state of Texas, it depends on your charges and the final disposition of those charges. I think it would be best if you start by having a candid conversation with your State Farm Insurance Recruiter. Give them specifics of your background so that they can give you an instant indication as to whether you’re eligible for hire with them. Trust me, they’ve heard it all. In the end, if you’re looking for a career in the insurance business, then honesty is the best policy. Good luck!

    • Johanna P Martinez

      Hello, did this work out for you I am in the same process.

  • Ivan Seahorn

    I was trying to find out what steps I would need to take to start the process of owning and operating my own independent insurance company. If you can give me a call I’d really appreciate it. 713-885-2642

    • Ivan,
      Thanks for reaching out. It’s been a busy start to the year. I will try to call you this week. If I cannot call you, feel free to call my office and leave a message. Since January is the busy season for both health insurance and property-casualty, I’m working extra hours right now. While Houston is a tough market, the right agent be really successful.
      Thanks for reaching out!
      David erry

  • Shanta Grey

    David Berry how are you? Thanks for providing information and details how to obtain license. My situation from 97-2005 I was convicted for theft , prost, and a theft by check. Then due to having multiple charges in 2012 I was convicted on lewd immortal conduct ,I solicited a drink to an officer. I explained my story to the company which cleared me for hire. Then this!! I was told it’s a different process. The licensing agent told me she was worried about my multiple charges. She stated to get all charges and conviction also provide recommendation letters. To also provide a letter why I committed those crimes. I’ve changed my life since then gave my life to Christ. I’m worried leaving my current job for this one and then go through the testing etc. then to be denied. I’m all over the place right now, have you ever known someone to have multiple charges and get approved?

    • Hi Shanta, To make a long story short, I would suggest attempting to get your license first. All insurance agents and companies will ask about your background. The biggest concern for many will be whether you can get licensed by the state of Texas. The application asks questions regarding “moral turpitude”. Once you answer “yes” to that question, you’ll have to provide additional information; so be prepared. I think the theft by check charge will fall into that category. The person, that told you to provide your letters and copies of court documents, pointed you in the right direction. I once called the state of Texas regarding an agent that had items in his background. The analyst told me that any time a person answers “yes” to the “moral turpitude” question, it takes 3-4 additional weeks to review the application. So you can expect it to take at least 2 months to approve any application you submit for licensing. On the bright side, I’ve heard stories of people with various felonies get approved by the state of Texas. In the end, I suggest studying and applying for your license before leaving your job. I can help you sign up for an online pre-licensing course. If you can get approved by the state, first; you stand a much better chance of getting a job in the insurance field. Good luck!

    • Johanna P Martinez

      Please let me know any tips would really appreciate it. Did this work out for you I am in the same process.

  • Vianey

    Hi ! I will like to become an insurance agent specialized on P&C what do i need to do? Vianey

    • Hi Vianey,
      The best way become a P&C agent is to work for a company or agency that will sponsor your license. The P&C business has lots of moving parts and can be very difficult if you’re new to the insurance world. For that reason, you should “learn while you earn.” What better way to do that than to contract with or work for someone who will pay you to produce and teach you at the same time. If you’re looking to go the route of the business owner and hire staff, then you may want to look at one of the many Farmers Insurance agent opportunities out there. If you’re looking to invest money and have money to immediately hire a large state, you may want to look at Allstate. At least starting there will give you a starting point. In the end, it really depends on what products you’re looking to sell in the P&C world. Perhaps if you can offer a little more detail regarding the type of insurance you’re looking to sell, I can better point you in the right direction. Regardless, we are placing the final touches on our insurance pre-licensing agreement. I can send you some information once it goes live since you’re interested in becoming an agent. This will help you pass the test with a guaranty. Good Luck in your insurance career.

  • Debbie

    Hi my name is Debbie and I am wanting to know where I can get the test to become a licensed agent in Dallas Tx to work in the health care field

    • Hi Debbie,
      If you haven’t obtained your license yet, then you need to start there. The best way to get your license is to attend a prelicensing course designed to help you pass the insurance licensing exam. We have program that I can email you since you’re interested. Once you pass the licensing test and obtain your license, there are always people looking to hire for their health insurance call center openings in the Dallas area. I’ll send you a link to my licensing pages.
      Good Luck!

  • B Wasse

    Where do I get licensed insurance agent for selling auto insurance both personal & commercial. I intended to sale insurance for AAA, Farmers, and all state on commission

    • Generally, you have to approach each company individually. Each company has their own individual compensation package. The best way to get started is to work with a company like Farmers. They have a good reserve agent program designed to grow you into a “Career Agent”. Compensation and bonuses are based on target auto home and life insurance sales requirements.

      If you’re looking to buy an agency and you have a lot of cash to invest, you may want to buy a few Allstate agencies. Their model seems to be designed growing large books of business through merger and acquisition of agencies.

      Give me an idea of what you’re looking for. Do you prefer building an agency from scratch or purchasing an agency? Maybe I can connect you with a company or recruiter.

  • shemeika

    Hello David, I am interested in becoming a license insurance agent in Houston Texas, please email me at I have a few personal questions.

  • Shat Lewslee

    David, I’d rather stay anonymous. Sorry, I’m a professional looking to switch careers. Anyway, I’m concerned because I have a DWI 2nd from 2010. Also, I have a closed case from 2003 from a ‘HOT CHECK’ which I didn’t even remember until I looked up my records. Am I wasting my time trying to proceed with my license, or is just providing supporting documentation for my DWI, 2ND DWI, and the CHECK INCIDENT a non-issue as long as I tell the truth. Also, the hot check was over 10 years ago. Should I mention it? I assume if I find it, they can too, so I hope this isn’t a dumb question. Hope you’re still helping folks out here. I’ve turned things around over the past few years and am gainfully employed. I just have a great opportunity with a close friend and I need my license to proceed in his new business with him. Thank you

  • Jennifer Diann Clark-arredondo

    I want to sell insurance but I need my insurance license how can I do this?

  • Jessie

    Can I become an agent in Texas with a felony on my record?

    • Jessie, the short answer is yes. However, if you have a felony, your approval is not guaranteed. It depends on what reason for the conviction. You’ll have to present supporting documentation, but it’s possible. In fact, I personally know an agent that has a felony in his background. Good Luck.

    I am licensed in California and would like to know what is a requirement to be able to sell insurance for Texas customers.

    Thank you,

    • Greetings!
      -In order to sell in Texas, you’ll need to go to apply for a non-resident Texas license first. Once you receive that you can get started trying to get appointments with carriers. If you move to Texas with an active Texas Non-Resident’s License, you can surrender that license to the state for a resident agent’s license. If you get your licenses in that order, you won’t have to take a test at all. I hope this answer’s your question. By the way, what type of licenses do you have in California? and… Give us a shout if you’re looking for carrier relationships. Good Luck!

    • Nanette Guillermo
  • Tony

    I received an email today from a recruiter looking for insurance agents in my area. I currently work in the engineering sector but I am open to making a career change. Is it common to receive emails such as the one that I received from recruiters? The skeptic in me tells me to proceed with caution. The email also mentions a Business Ownership option that sounds appealing but, again, I don’t want to set my expectations too high. Thanks

    • Hi Tony,

      It doesn’t surprise me that you received a phone call from an insurance recruiter. Think of it this way, no one ever grows up and says that he want to be an insurance agent. Instead, we tend to migrate to insurance and find a home in the industry. As far as the “business ownership” question, it’s probably a Farmers or Allstate recruiter if it’s property and casualty. If it’s a life recruiter, it could be virtually anybody.

      Just like other recruiters, if you’ve ever put your resume on one of the major job boards, somebody could have picked it up. Your being an engineer actually uniquely qualifies you because of your specialized knowledge and analytic nature. If you’re ever interested, take a look at it. While it can be a difficult profession, I’ve found being an insurance agent to be quite rewarding. That is.. as long as you get past the first 2 years of being in the business.

      Simply put, if you’re interested industry, hear them out. Insurance recruiters will call anyone because they never know who is going to make the cut. I’d love to get your input after you speak to the insurance recruiter. Perhaps, you can submit a guest blog post. Who knows?

      Hope this helps!

      • Tony

        Thank you, David.

        I will give them a call and look into it. If it means less travel for me, then that would be great. I have plans to work with the youth in my community and my current job does not give me a dependable schedule at home to make that possible.

  • kevin

    hi davivd my name is kevin and i’m looking forward to starting a new carrer as insurance agent, im currently in trucking and i want to know what should i do next to start getting a license to become a agent.

    • Kevin,
      Thanks for the call and the compliments. Remember to contact John Patton at to order your online study materials. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call.

      Thanks and Good Luck!
      David Berry

  • Brenda Morgan

    Brian, I am interested in switching careers. I have been in sales for many years and even a few years ago worked for State Farm and was licensed in MO. I would like to become and Independent Agent or even a STate Farm Agent again with an Agency of my own. And I would possibly in the future get my 6 & 63 to work in Annuities and Securities …maybe. But I am very serious about owning my own business I am just not sure what to do after I obtain my license for Property & Casualty and Life & Health. Can you point me in the right direction. I live in the Houston area (Kemah) and I want to stay in that area. Thanks for any help you can provide me.


  • Zakiy diab

    Interested in becoming a insurance agent for auto and homes.please contact me via email or cell for further details . 4698773379.thanks

    • Zakiy, it was good speaking with you regarding becoming an insurance agent today. Remember, being an insurance agent can be quite rewarding. I emailed information regarding John Patton and Since you’re in the Dallas area, you have an advantage over most agents. Give John a call, and I wish you luck on becoming an insurance agent!.

  • Brian


    I have found this site to be extremely informative.  I am interested in becoming an Independent Insurance Agent.  Currently, I am working for a large Funeral provider and have a Funeral Pre-Arrangment Life license but would like to branch out on my own into different types of insurance (P&C and Life& Health).  Besides getting those licenses (which I need to obtain), what would be the best route to take in becoming an Independent Insurance Agent, finding carriers, etc…?




    • Hello Brian,

      Thanks for contact us.  After you get your other license(s), you’ll need to connect with an agency that will assist you in getting appointments.  Insurance carriers like agencies that not only provide appointments and training.  That’s what sets us apart from other agencies.  Not only do we have access to the markets you’ll need to be successful, but we are building and constantly updating the training section with the tools and technology you need to become a better agent.  Along with the insurance market and training resources, we also have the best technology people in the business.  That means you can jump into an agency that knows what it takes to be on page 1 of Google.   There is no other agency in the state of Texas that can say that.  I’ll send you my direct contact information so that once you’ve done your part, we can do the rest and help you get going regardless of whether you want to write, auto, homeowners, business, life & health; or whatever.


      Thanks again for reaching out!

      David Berry

    • Nanette Guillermo

      Brian, are you still interested of becoming a Financial Professional? I am looking for more people.

  • hello every body, i been thinking about obtaining a licence to make auto insurance for my self and family and friends, do you guys that will be possible?

    please let me know 


    • Adam,


      It  is possible.  I suggest you speak with our licensing coordinator regarding obtaining your Texas general lines licenses.

  • Kimberly Ryan

    I have worked on an IT Help Desk for 15 years doing various roles. I have decided that I am very tired of contrcat to contract work and it not being a stable enviroment. I have considered Insurance Agent for a couplle of years and I am ready to take the jump. I have applied at many of the firsm seeking " no exp needed" "we will pay for your license" ect type ads however it has been weeks and I havent heard back from any of them. Should I try to get my license on my own?  I have decided to resign my current job asap and am looking to get started somewhere quickly.  Can you advise me the best route for me to go?  Thank you

    • Hello Kimberly – I would definitely suggest taking the initiative to get your license on your own. By doing this, it will open alot more doors when you have it on your resume. At Texas Insurance Training Academy, we offer our courses online as well as in the classroom. Let me know if you have any more questions or advice in the future.

  • Hello,

    I have really enjoyed reading your posts!  They are filled with an enormous amount of information!  I am also interested in obtaining an insurance license.  I currently hold a Texas adjuster license and work for a mortgage servicing company but am seeking to go a different direction at this point as I am not seeing the results I expected by this time.  I would like to hear your suggestions on becoming an agent that sells and services insurance.



  • Oscar

    Hi David,

    I am currently working for an agent as a producer and i am wanting to open my own agency. Do i  need any addition licenses to do so? I already have my business entity, both my General Lines P&C and L&H licenses and business bank account. Besides picking which company i am going to represent (ex. farmers, state farm, allstate, etc), what else would i need?




    • Hello David – It sounds like you have everything you need to get started with your new career. If you would like any help with job placement let us know.

  • Me

    what is the difference in the property and Casulaty and the County Mutual licenses? I have County Mutual but I beleive the company i am going to work for preferes the Property- do i have to test all over again?

  • Hi Shirley – You have a couple of different options when it comes to getting your Life and Health insurance license in Texas.

    Your first option would be to attend a live classroom training. We offer a two day class in the DFW area. Our goal is to get a license in your hand as quick as possible by teaching you what is going to be on the state exam and also how to answer the questions.

    If it isn't possible to attend a live class, we offer an online insurance exam prep course. We give you tons of tools to help you be successful. We have videos, flashcards and our online exam simulator.

    With either option, what sets us apart from our competition, is that we guarantee you will pass your exam the first time or we will pay for you to test a second time.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Shirley

    Am a great advocate of long term care insurance.  Am currently a real estate agent in Texas and would like to get a health and life license to sell ltc insurance.  Any suggestions where to start?  thank you.

  • Jonathan

    I’m a senior in high school, about to graduate. I have had a few thoughts about doin insurance and would like more information someone please email me

    Thank You

    • Jonathan,
      The insurance business is filled with a number of opportunities. It rather difficult to send you “something” without knowing what you’re looking for. You could go into to sales and start as a producer of auto and home insurance. You could also go into the claims or even customer service departments of different companies. This blog is really dedicated to people that want to be an insurance agent. Most of the people that read my content either want a job in sales or service, or they want to sell or service new customers. Feel free to email me at

  • Samantha


    I have the exact same problem. I know you are worried, because I was. I was just recently approved and I have the exact same charge as you do. Was your case dismissed after you paid the fine? When you pull your background check, does it show dismissed?

  • Dieter

    I am getting ready to retire from my present industry within the next 15 months. I would like to get into the insurance business, when I retire. I would like to get my license for property and casualty and life before I retire so I can start ASAP . Is it possible to be licensed without being represented by an Ins. Co, and if so how long can the Lic. Be open without being represented?

    • Hello Dieter,

      Yes, it is possible to become an insurance insurance agent in Texas without having carrier appointments. When you’re ready, give me a shout and I can get you started with the best access; regardless of whether you want to write personal lines, commercial admitted lines, life and health, or financial services.

  • Lashonn

    Thank You so much David…
    Have a Bless Day.

  • Lashonn

    Hello David,

    I have a misdemeanor theft by check charge,on my record from 2001. the check was for $23.00, I moved closed the account recieved the remaining funds in my account, not knowing this check had not cleared and when they tried to contact me i had moved to a different city, well the check did not catch up to me until 2003, by that time, I was arrested in a traffic stop for having a warrent for the theft by check, I paid the check and fee’s but it shows as a conviction, because i paid for it. I have been waiting on my License and just called and they said it will take about 3 more week because it was in review. Does this mean I will not recieve my License?

    • No Lashonn,

      No. you have the same problem as many people with stuff in their backgrounds. Based on what you’ve explained, it means your approval will take another 3 weeks.

    • AustinsMom

      How did this turn out for you? I am currently waiting on licensing from TDI and have the same thing on my background, and was wondering if they approved or denied your license. Thank you in advance for responding!

      • Hi,

        In cases like Lashonn’s, you should remain patient. Anytime you answer “yes” to the moral turpitude question, it adds time for an “analyst” to review. Hope this helps.

        David Berry

  • Amy

    I want to start my own Insurance agency in Texas. Could you guide me on how to start and what are the liabilities involved?

    Thank you

    • Amy,

      Give me a call regarding that. Your expenses could range from as little as $200 per month for professional liabillity into the thousands. All in all, it depends on your contract and the method in which you build your organization. Perhaps, you should give me a call at 214-717-4326.

      Good Luck, and I hope to hear from you.

  • Jose

    Hi, to become a insurance agent, the candidate needs to be a legal resident, my cousin have social security number and Texas ID, but he is not legal resident, is requirement that? thanks….

    • Jose,

      Your cousin must be a resident of the state of Texas in order to obtain a “resident agent’s license”. However, your cousin can get licensed in their home state and then apply for a Texas non-resident agent’s license. After licensed as a non-resident agent, if they decide to move to Texas, the license can be converted into a resident agent’s license. If you have questions, you can email TDI’s licensing division here:

  • Hello David and Andrea – I would be happy to help out anyone that visits David’s website with their prelicensing needs. If you would like to attend a classroom course, when you go to my site and register, put “examtexas” in the coupon code box to receive a $30 discount. Our goal is to get you licensed as quick as possible so that you can start your new career and begin making money. Visit me at or give me a call at 469-212-6451.

  • Andrea

    Hello. I Been studying for my Property and Casualty test I Studied for a month half Did not pass my test. Do you Advise for me to Do a self Study Like I been Doing Or Do a 3 day Class with Kaplan Its $300.00 Just want to know if its worth it.

    Thank you!

    • Andrea, the short answer is yes. You should take a test prep course along with your studies. The course will get you ready to take and pass the licensing exam. If you need an affordable alternative, I suggest you contact John at 855-779-5858. His website is His prelicensing courses come with the guaranty that you will pass your licensing exam the first time. Give him a shout, and good luck!

  • Samantha

    My situation is similar to Victor. The form isn’t clear. My case was dismissed so I don’t have a conviction. My HR department submitted my application based on the background check they ran. Everything was NO, but like Victor my app is pending too. David, my question is do you think TDI will deny me based on a dismissed theft by check charge? I’ve already obtained my disposition paperwork and I’m ready to submit it if asked. I called TDI to inquire on how the question should be answered on the form and they couldn’t give me any advice on whether a dismissed charge is considered a conviction. Help, I’m confused!

    • Samantha, It takes time. However, I suggest you take a proactive approach to getting your license. If you know something in your background is delaying your approval, give the state the documentation they need to make a decision. I suggest you start by calling, the Texas Department of Insurance’s help line at 800-252-3439. They will give you the status of your license application. Make sure to ask if they’re missing any addtional information from your licensing application. If licensing requests more information about your background, get it to them as quickly as possible. That way, you can get going and make some moolah!

  • Michael

    I recently got hired by Primerica to be an Insurance Broker in Personal and Casualty. I will be taking the licensing exam for P & C. In Primerica, I can get paid for auto and home with just the P & C liscense. Any reason why I should got for both?

    • Absolutely! Having both Texas general lines licenses ensures that you can earn new business and renewal commissions. Besides, you have a license in order to discuss property and casualty insurance with your clients.

      On a different note, when I look for agency owners and producers, I like hiring agents that have their licenses.

  • Michael Williams

    I just got hired to work for an insurance company in Austin. They require me to get my property and casualty license to sell Life Insurance. I earn commission from auto and home sales without the Property license in this company. Is there any reason why I should go ahead and get both?

    • Michael,

      You must be a licensed insurance agent in order to receive commissions from the sale of an insurance policy in the state of Texas.

      Hope this helps.

  • Question #6 Excluding traffic violations and first offense DWI:
    I had a DWI 7 years ago after that my record has been clean… so i answer those questions No in all of them. yesterday i received a letter from the insurance department stating that my “application is pending and will need additional time to review” did I answer that question right ?? i called them up to get an advised and they only said to me to answer that question the best I could, so I did now i wonder if i did it right or wrong ?!!! what you think will happen?

    • Victor, if you haven’t had more than one DWI, you should be okay. If something comes up on your background, they are automatically sent to special “analyst”. You should expect that to take an extra 30 days if everything is in order. I would also suggest you obtain copies of your court documents showing final court disposition and/or settlement documents. Just in case, you may have to mail or fax that information in order to complete your case. So, you should be okay. Just call TDI and follow up to make sure they don’t need any additional information.

  • Samantha

    Thanks David! I actually didn’t have to complete the application. My company sent a fast check form for me to take to Prometric for fingerprints. I had a background check when I was hired which of course, I passed because there wasn’t a conviction. I paid the fine and then it was dismissed. I guess I’m concerned because I’m being fingerprinted and I know the arrest will show up. Just hoping TDI doesn’t deny me because of it.

  • Samantha

    Will having a misdemeanor theft by check charge that was dismissed prevent me from getting my license?

    • Samantha, if you were not convicted of the “theft by check” you should be okay. Please remember to read the licensing application carefully. Question #6 of the Application for Individual Agent License asks the following questions:
      6. Excluding traffic violations and first offense DWI:
      a. Do you have any pending misdemeanor or felony charges…
      b. Have you ever been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony offense
      c. Have you ever had adjudication deferred on any misdemeanor or felony charge or offense in Texas, in any other state or by the federal government
      d. Have you ever served any period of probation for any misdemeanor or felony offense.

      If you answer yes to any of the previous, you will need to submit original court documents. I’ve included a link to the Texas Individual Insurance Agent’s Application. That way you can get the original content directly from the state.

      Hope this helps!
      Good Luck

  • Brian

    Hello I am trying to get started in the insurance business and the website I am going to be using offers courses Tx P&C and then TX General Lines and TC Limited Lines. My question is do I need to go through all 3 sets or should the TX P&C section of it suffice? Thanks

    • If you want to sell both property and casualty as well as life and health, you’ll need to obtain both license types. As a result, I recommend that you take a prelicensing course. That way you can familiarize yourself with each state test. Personally, I prefer both.

      If you’d like a money back guaranty, we’ve arranged for Texas Insurance Prelicensing Schools to provide you with a test passing guaranty if you go through their online or classroom test prep programs. No other licensing school offers that.

      What part(s) of the insurance industry are you most interested in?

  • evelyn


    What is the difference between the general property and casualty license versus the personal property and casualty license. Please email me with answer.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Sorry for the delay Evelyn.

      There are two basic divisions in the insurance business. The General Lines property and casualty license refers to the license that allows you to sell and service insurance for things like cars, homes, businesses, general liability, professional liability, and even commercial autos. Underneath the property and casualty umbrella, you can specialize in either personal insurance or commercial insurance. Both have their rewards.

      If you prefer to get the personal lines license, you will be limited with regards to the policy types you can sell and service. That’s why I generally recommend obtaining the general lines license over the personal lines license. There is very little difference in the license requirements and they have identical continuing education requirements.

      Hope this answers your question!


    Hi David,

    So does that apply to a person wanting to become an owner as well?

    Thank You very much

    • Diane,

      There are cases where you could be a part owner of an insurance agency. If I’m not mistaken, the state of Texas requires at least one principle owner to be a licensed insurance agent. In a case like this refer to


    Hi David,
    I was told that there is a requirement of holding a bachelor’s degree in order to become a licensed agent. Is this true?

    Thanks for your help,

    • Hello Angela,

      No, the Texas Department of Insurance does not require a college degree as a part of the licensing process. Perhaps your friend was referring to a particular company’s requirements.

      I hope this answers your question!

  • Whitney

    I am wanting to become licensed in P&C and Life and Health.
    Will you email me and let me know where I can get the materials to study for the test, is there a website where i can take the test and pay for it online

    • Hello Whitney,

      You can only take the Texas Insurance Agent’s licensing exam at Prometric. In order to prepare for your exam, I suggest you one of the many prelicensing solutions available in the state. If you want a money back guaranty for your online test prep program, consider contacting John Patton at the TexasInsuranceTrainingAcademy. Feel free to email us at if you have any further questions. Good luck in your insurance career! If you need home, we’re looking for agents to train. Just get that license!

  • Ben

    Will someone please email me and let me know where I would get the materials to study for the test and could I take the test online and pay for the license online as well if so could I please be provided with that website. I am wanting to become licensed in P&C and Life and Health…how much would those licenses cost. I’m in Texas.

    Thank You

    Benjamin Ho

    • Ben,

      Unlike the Texas insurance adjusters license, you must take the Texas insurance agent’s licensing exam at a Prometric testing center. As far as Texas Insurance Prelicensing locations, you can probably find lots of different places. Because there’s a big demand for more information on Texas Insurance Prelicensing, I will be writing a blog review on the different options available to insurance agent applicants.

  • Frank

    I wonder how can I get started to become a licensed insurance agent in Texas? Which license is more effective? Thanks for your help!

    • Frank, that’s a great question. To get started with either license, you need take a Texas prelicensing course to prepare for the licensing exam. Once you pass the licensing exam, you can apply for your agent’s license.

      As far as which license is more effective, that’s up to you. Since I am licensed in both Property Casualty and Life & Health, I see benefits to having both. Reality is that there are dozens of specialties you can try in the insurance world. Some pay smaller commissions but offer level renewals. For example, auto and home insurance pays the agent around 8-10% per year every year a client stays with the agent.

      On the other hand a health insurance policy could pay 4 – 6% the first year and 1% each subsequent year; while some life insurance policies could pay 60 -80% (or more) the first year commissions and nothing in subsequent years.

      As you can see, the effectiveness of an insurance license is up to the agent and his(her) specialty. I hope this helps a bit. Feel free to email me at or give us a call.

  • Lee Smith

    Will someone please email me and let me know where I would get the materials to study for the test and could I take the test online and pay for the license online as well if so could I please be provided with that website. I am wanting to become licensed in P&C and Life and Health…how much would those licenses cost.

    • Hello Lee,

      Insurance licensing and study materials can be found online by performing a search for “insurance prelicensing”. You’ll find a number of different company that offer insurance prelicensing materials. The costs range from $99 to $300. As far as getting both general lines property casualty and life health, each test will cost approximately $75. The licensing tests are proctored by Prometric. Upon passing the test, you’ll also need to pay for fingerprinting as well which is $44.50. As for the actual licensing application, that fee is still $50.

      As for where to get your study materials, you can use a number of companies. I am in the process of writing another reviewing the different Texas prelicensing companies online. Feel free to stop back by. As I write contents geared towards helping agents and consumers of all types. In the meantime, type “Texas insurance prelicensing” into the search engine and see what you come up with.

  • Jonathan

    I’ll be working for Mutual of Omaha in Lousiana, living in Texas, and was told upon hiring that when I get my Texas license it will be valid in Lousiana as well. Is this true? Also, will this still mean my total upfront cost is still only licensing application fee, exam fee and fingerprinting fee? Are there no requiremente to prove you passed a class, thus the class is only a recommendation? An emailed reply would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jonathan,

      Sorry for the delay in the response. It’s been busy in the office over the holidays. To answer your question regarding your Texas license, based on my understanding of the insurance industry, your Texas license is only valid for business transacted in the state of Texas. With that said, you can write a life insurance policy on someone that lives in another state as long as you take the application in HOME STATE OF TEXAS.

      Because you live in Texas, but work primarily in Louisiana, I would assume that you’d be required to get a Texas Resident Agent’s license and a Louisiana non-resident agent’s license. That way, you could operate in either state. In that case, you would have the initial expenses for your application, exam, & fingerprinting. After you get your Texas license(s), you can simply apply (and pay) for the Louisiana non-resident’s license online. Those generally take a week to return.

      As far as whether the requirements for passing the class, the state of Texas does not have a prelicensing class requirement. If you can pass the test for the license, you can apply for license. Whether or not you understand and can sell insurance is up to you and your carrier/agency. Each state varies.

  • Kyle


    I was wondering if someone could comment on what category ‘Marine’ insurance falls under. I’m interested in waterbased vehicles and opportunities therein.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Kyle,

      Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned. I was just reviewing our numbers from Progressive insurance. There are definitely tremendous opportunities for selling Texas boat, yacht, and personal watercraft insurance.

      Also, people that own watercraft have good underwriting characteristics. As a result, they make great clients. As a former boat and jet ski owner, I agree with and endorse the previous statement.

      TXINSURANCEPRO.COM is authorized to in Texas to sell Progressive Insurance products. We will add that to our site. If you’re looking to get your license, give us a shout. We’ll point to you in the right direction and get you selling insurance and growing your business.

  • Jose A Garcia

    I am currently an agent with Farmers Insurance in California, does it transfer to Texas or do I need to take the test for Texas? I will be moving to Austin the first week of January 2012.

  • I’m seeking to find information in becoming an insurance agent. Please send me any information that you might have. Thank you for your time

    • Gonzalo, thanks for stopping by. I will send you information via email shortly. I’ve added you to the contact lists. In the meantime, feel free to call me at 214-717-4326 x 101. David

  • Jeri Allen

    Hi David,
    I’m a CSR with a property/casualty license in Oregon. Do you know what the licensing proceedure would be if I moved to Texas? Would I have to retake the exam, etc., or could my Oregon license be amended to a Texas license? Also, the laws have changed nation wide, and now we only need 24 hours of continuing education every 2 years.

  • texas insurance license

    Do Texas agents undergo different process comparing to other agents who acquired their license from another state? Do I need to provide extra requirements for becoming an agent at Texas?

    • The process is simple if you’re already licensed. If an agent is licensed in another state, he should apply for aa non-resident Texas license first. One the non-resident license is obtained, the agent simply needs to notify the state of Texas when they move to Texas. At that point, the Texas Department of Insurance will convert the non-resident license to a resident agent’s license. There is no need to study for tests or anything. To find more information on applying for a non resident Texas agent’s license, I suggest you visit the National Insurance Producer Registry.

  • Tiffany Garrett

    Will someone please email me and let me know where I would get the materials to study for the test and could I take the test online and pay for the license online as well if so could I please be provided with that website. I am wanting to become licensed in P&C and Life and Health…how much would those licenses cost.

    Thank You

    • Hello Tiffany,
      I’ve sent you an email regarding your request. We are looking at web based prelicensing courses to offer online through one our insurance Pro websites. Until then, check out learninsurance, Kaplan financial, and places like that. I will email you when we get our licensing courses up and running.

      • LoVe Ntadi

        Mr David, please email me a contact. I want to be an insurance agent in Dallas TX. I need some info. Thanks and God Bless