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Tag best car insurance companies

5 Surprising Facts About Auto Insurance

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The Texas Department of Insurance recently published the following facts about auto insurance.  Since each company is a little different, I thought it would be a good idea to expand on the video from an insurance agent perspective.

Mexico doesn’t accept U.S. auto insurance

Yes, believe it or not, our neighbors to the South have very different rules when it comes to insurance.  As a result, your auto insurance will have very limited coverage (if any) when you cross into Mexico.  As a result, I normally suggest finding a company located near the boarder if you’re looking to drive into Mexico.  Even if your Texas auto insurance policy says it will cover within so many miles of the U.S. – Mexico Boarder, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Make a mistake here, not only could you wind up paying for a claim out of your pocket, but you could also wind up in a Mexican jail.

Going green could save green.

Many insurance companies now offer a number of “Green” incentives.  If you go paperless, companies like Progressive will offer a discount for using their online services.  Also, if you rideshare, walk, or bike to work, the reduced commute could also result in lower rates.  Always discuss daily commutes and annual mileage when looking at your rates.

While driving less is a traditional means for saving money on car insurance, insurance companies are now getting a little more innovative.  Thanks to technology, car insurance companies have begun using devices to collect data on driver habits.  As a result, companies like Progressive and Safeco have introduced programs that provide immediate discounts in exchange for a little work on your part.  The next time you’re shopping for car insurance, you may want to ask whether your company offers additional discounts through electronic means as well.

Don’t feel rushed to sign a release after an accident

Under Texas Law, an insurance company that accepts liability (or fault) must promptly pay your claim.  The insurance policy prohibits them from doing otherwise.  As a claimant, you are not required to sign a liability waiver in order to receive damages.  If you feel that you are being pressured to sign a release in order to get paid by an insurance company, you should advise claims adjuster that it is unlawful to pressure a claimant into signing a release after a claim.

You Pick the repair shop

After a car accident, it is in the best interest of all parties involved to quickly settle your claim.  Keep in mind that you still have consumer rights; even if the other person’s insurance company is paying damages. While many car insurance providers have a network of claims and repair facilities, where you get repairs is up to you.  Keep in mind that an insurance company can only suggest or provide you a list of authorized facilities.  Regardless of who you choose, the repairs should be done in a manner that correctly repairs all damage caused in your accident or occurrence.

You can challenge the settlement offer.

Let’s give the insurance company the benefit of the doubt here.  The person adjusting your claim and offering a settlement is a human.  If they make a mistake or offer you too little for your settlement, you have the right to challenge the company’s offer.

While challenging the initial claims settlement offer if within your rights, that right comes at a cost.  In order to challenge an offer, you will have to hire your own appraiser.  Also, you’ll have to pay half the costs associated with the independent reviewer.  Before going through this step, contact the Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Help Line at 800-252-3439.


Locate the Best Auto Insurance Company

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Everybody would love to have the “best” when it comes to just about anything and this should be especially true when it comes to car insurance companies. Consumers must take a moment to understand what makes up an ideal carrier before they can locate one and they must also realize that a good insurer for them may not be the right one for another individual. So if a friend or loved one refers you to a particular coverage provider that they are satisfied with it is a good idea to consider their recommendation, but the chances are that another carrier may be a better option.

In order for an individual to find the best auto insurance companythey must understand their needs and what they expect out of a carrier. There are a wide variety of companies out there to choose from and finding the right one will take narrowing down things such as price range, types of coverage and the limits desired. Many consumers decide to purchase the minimum coverage required by their state so pretty much any insurer will be able to offer the product that they are looking for since states usually do not allow a provider to sell policies that do not meet the requirements of the law, but if an individual is in need of more protection then the number of companies to choose from will begin to narrow down.

Finding the Best Car Insurance Companies

Before a motorist can find the ideal carrier they must determine what they are shopping for; as mentioned above some individuals will need more coverage than what the state requires. As an example, if a person lives in a state that follows the Financial Responsibility law then they will have a minimum limit of liability for bodily injury and property damage that must be purchased; not all companies will offer higher limits, therefore these companies will not be right for someone who needs more liability protection and can be eliminated them from their search.

The next thing that makes up a good insurer, and I am sure most will agree is cheap rates; if a person can get a quality product at a low price then all the better. It has been said over and over again by every consumer guide and state department of insurance, but it is absolutely true that finding the right coverage from the right company is best achieved by comparison shopping. When comparing the prices of companies it is very important that the same amount of coverage is compared with each company to ensure that a proper comparison is being conducted; comparing based on different levels of protection will only provide quotes which cannot be compared since prices will be based on different products.

After finding some good prices for the product desired do not make a haste decision and purchase the cheapest one, there is still a couple of steps to take to find the right company. Out of the cheapest rates found take a look into the companies offering them. The Texas Department of Insurance suggests to check licensing status, financial strength and complaint index; following these steps can help find the best company and avoid insurers who are not financially sound, unlicensed or lack good customer service.