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Thank you for visiting TXINSURANCEPRO.COM.  If you reached this page, then you either filled out a form on this site or you watched one of my YouTube videos.  Either way, thanks for visiting.  Numerous paths exist for those that are interested in the insurance world.  Whether you want to be an agent, entrepreneur, customer service representative, property adjuster, or auto adjuster; the insurance world is truly vast.  I guess that’s why so many interested people ask, “What’s next?  I want more information?”


Quite frankly, I find answering that question to be the most difficult one of all.  As a result, I generally respond with the following question:

What do you want to do in the insurance world?

If your goal is to own a traditional captive agency like State Farm or Allstate, most agents start by choosing between careers in Property Casualty and Life Health Insurance. (Many captives require their agents to obtain both P&C and LAH General Lines licenses.)   While the Texas general lines insurance licenses have their lesser cousins, , let’s start by talking about General lines first. Where we go from there is up to you.

If you figure that part out, that’s half the battle.  Each license type has it’s Pros and Cons.  You have to choose which is best.

Property & Casualty

I won’t get too technical with my descriptions because I’m hoping you already know what you want to sell or who you want to work for.  Property & Casualty (P&C for short) is the type of license you’ll need if you selling or servicing auto, home, umbrella, business, or commercial auto insurance.  Consider this the insurance where you insure your “Things” and the liability associated with your things.  When you think of insurance, most people’s first response is a P&C insurance product.

Life and Health

Unlike P&C, most people forget about life and health insurance; with the exception of health insurance and medicare.  The life and health world also has benefits that are worth considering.  However, because of misconceptions and general public ignorance, life & health is usually offered sold by the agent versus shopped for by consumer.  Since agent initiated sales are generally more difficult, new agents tend to shy away from this side of the world.  Regardless, Life and Health products are extremely necessary and valuable.  Choosing this world could lead to more difficult sales but higher average commissions.  So the choice is yours.

I chose a license type. What’s next?

After choosing a license type, you need to get a license.  In order to do that in Texas, you only need to pass the test, get fingerprinted, fill out the application, and apply online or by mail.  There’s a catch.

Insurance Pre-licensing Test Prep Classes are a must!

If insurance made sense to everyone, there would be no need for insurance agents.  Since most people either misunderstand their policies and make poor coverage choices when left to their own understanding, we need agents.  As a result, I always suggest taking some sort of test prep course.  It’s easier to pass the test if you get help. Here are a few exam prep organizations that I’m in the process of reviewing for publication

  • Texas Insurance Training
  • Insurance School of Texas
  • Texas Insurance Training Academy

I am in the process of reviewing each of these schools for the 2017-2018 insurance licensing comparison and review.  Some schools offer a pass guaranty, while others offer online and classroom service, while others are simply lower prices than their competition.  Let us know below if you’re interested to get a copy of “David’s dummy’s guide Insurance training school in Texas”.

After studying, pass the test and apply

After studying, with one of the pre-licensing schools above, your confidence level should be high enough to pass your licensing exam.  To do so, you’ll need to visit Pearson Vue Insurance to schedule your  licensing exam at an approved testing center. If you get a 70 or better on the test you’re studying for, you pass.  Then it’s on to your fingerprints.

Just like you have to schedule your licensing exam, you also have to schedule a time get fingerprints through  Once that’s done, complete the individual insurance license application in paper found here or visit to apply for your license online.

As a side note, the state of Texas requires that you are appointed by either another experienced General Lines agent, agency, or insurance company to get a license in Texas.  Without that appointment, your license could be denied for lack of appointment.  If this changes, we will update you.

That’s it, your license is on the way

After you complete the steps above, your license should arrive in 3 to 4 weeks depended upon the workload and depended upon how you answer the application questions.  There you have it!  More information than just, the basic stuff you see.  Do you have additional questions?  Are you looking for appointments, insurance carriers, a job, or other opportunities?  If I can answer your questions, comment below.

We are working on a a number of additional things that you may be interested in.

  • Evening Licensing Test Prep
  • Flash Card Simulators
  • Licensing Class Discounts

If any of these things interest you, feel free to add into the comments as well.  I truly appreciate your visit and feedback.